How to Add Pages in WordPress?

Add Pages in WordPress

Today we shall discuss on how to Add Pages in WordPress. Adding pages is similar to adding posts in WordPress. What are Pages? Pages are static content and often do not change its displayed information. In this article we shall discuss how to Add Pages in just two simple steps.

We can follow these steps to add pages in WordPress

First Step(Add Pages in WordPress)

To create a new Page, log in to your WordPress installation with sufficient admin privileges to create new pages. Click on Pages → Add New as shown in the following screenshot.

Add Pages in WordPress 1

Second Step (Add Pages in WordPress)

In this step as seen in the following screenshot you can see that the editor page has two tabs, Visual and Text. You can insert text in either of these. We shall learn how to insert text into Visual format.

Add Pages in WordPress 2

We shall discuss the following details of the fields on editor page of the Add New Page.


In ‘Title’ we write the title of the article, which is later displayed on the page.

Permalink shows the potential URL for the page below the title. The URL generates as per the given title.

Add Pages in WordPress 3


It is a WYSIWYG Editor, which is similar to a word processor interface where you can edit the contents of the article.

Add Pages in WordPress 4

Following are the options present of WYSIWYG editor −

  • Bold Button − Used to bold your font.
  • Italic − Used to italicize the font.
  • Word Strike − Strikes through the content.
  • Bullet List − Adds bullets to content.
  • Number List − Adds numbers to the list of the content.
  • Blockquote − Quotes the text.
  • Horizontal Line − Creates a horizontal line between sentences.
  • Left Align − Sets the content on the left side of the page.
  • Right Align − Sets the content to the right side of the page.
  • Justify − Justifies the content of the page.
  • Add Link − Adds a link to your content. When you click on this button, the following page gets displayed.

Add Pages in WordPress 5

These are the fields present in the Insert/edit link.

  • URL − Enter URL you want to link.
  • Link text − Insert text you want to enter into the link.
  • Open link in a new window/tab − Open your link page into the new tab or window. Check the box as required.
  • Or link to existing account − Links to an existing content page by selecting the page from the given list. Click on the existing page to get a link in the URL.

Add Pages in WordPress 6

  • Remove Link − Deletes the particular link added for text or content.
  • Read more tag − Adds Read More tag to your page.
  • Toolbar toggle − Click on this to get another list of toolbar.

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