How to Customize Plugins in WordPress?

Customize Plugins in WordPress

Customizing Plugins in WordPress

In this article we shall discuss on how to Customize Plugins in WordPress without writing any HTML or CSS. It’s usually a large addition for multi-user sites. This new method allows you to customize your login page by using the WordPress theme customizer. This article will guide you through in just six simple steps.

These are the following steps to Customize Plugins in WordPress. They are discussed below:

First Step (Customize Plugins in WordPress)

Go to Dashboard Menu and click on Plugins → Add New. You can view in the snapshot below.

Customize Plugins in WordPress 1

Second Step (Customize Plugins in WordPress)

Type Custom Login Page Customizer in the search button and Install it. When you have installed it activate the Custom Login Page Customizer Plugin.

Customize Plugins in WordPress 2

Third Step (Customize Plugins in WordPress)

Next step again to the Dashboard Menu and click on Appearance → Login Customize section.

Custom Login Page Customizer 3

Fourth Step (Customize Plugins in WordPress) 

Now click on Start Customizing button to proceed further as shown in the screenshot.

Custom Login Page Customizer 4

Fifth Step (Customize Plugins in WordPress)

It will launch the built-in WordPress theme customizer. You can customize the theme and make it look the way you want.

Customize Plugins in WordPress 4

Click on the new Login Customizer tab in the side panel. Login customizer page will get displayed. On the login customizer page, you can customize your login page in the same way as you customize your WordPress theme.

Sixth Step (Customize Plugins in WordPress)

The customized login page will appear as shown in the following screen.
Customize Plugins in WordPress 5

  • Logo − Upload logo of your choice to replace the default WordPress logo.
  • Background − Add background image or you can choose a background color of your choice.
  • Form Background − Select form background image or color for login form container of your choice.

Most of the selections in the customizer panel are transparent. You can check all the selections in the customizer to adjust the setting as per your requirement of your login page. Click on Save and Publish button.

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