How to Delete links from WordPress?

Delete links from WordPress 0

Delete links from WordPress

Hi Friends! Today we shall discuss on how to Delete links from WordPress. You can remove the unwanted links which you don’t need for your website or article.

We shall discuss the following steps  below:

First Step 

Go to Dashboard and click on Pages → All Pages. 

Delete links from WordPress 1

Second Step 

You can view the list of pages by clicking on All Pages. When the cursor hovers on the page, here About Us page, you will see a few options  displaying Edit, Quick Edit, Trash, View. Now click on the Edit button as shown in the following screen.

Delete links from WordPress 2

Third Step

Now select the word which you had already linked i.e. Lorem (Link for word Lorem was created in the chapter WordPress – Add Links), and then click on the Remove Link Symbol. You can see in the screenshot.

Delete links from WordPress 3

Fourth Step 

To verify the deleted link go to the word of page, eg. Lorem and hover the cursor over the word. If you don’t see any tooltip of the existing URL  means the link has already been deleted. You can view in the screenshot.

Delete links from WordPress 4

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