How to Delete tags in WordPress ?

Delete tags in WordPress

Hi everyone. Today we shall discuss on how to Delete tags in WordPress. In this article we shall show you how to do it in just two simple steps with illustrations. We shall discuss the following steps as under.

The following  steps to delete tags in WordPress are :

First Step ( Delete tags in WordPress)

Go to your Dashboard Menu and search for Posts and click on Posts → Tags in WordPress. You can see the screenshot given below.

Delete tags in WordPress 1

Second Step (Delete tags in WordPress)

You can easily delete tag of your posts. Here let we have ‘Food around the world‘. When you hover the cursor on the Tags, a few options get displayed below the Tags name like Edit,Quick Edit,Delete, View.  Now click on Delete in tags section to delete your post as shown in the following screen.


Delete tags in WordPress 2

When you click on delete, it will be shown a pop message asking you for confirmation to delete it. You can see it in the screen show below.

Delete tags in WordPress 3

Finally you  click on OK button to delete the tag permanently.

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