How to Delete Users in WordPress?

Delete Users in WordPress

Delete Users in WordPress

Hello everyone. Today we shall discuss on how to Delete Users in WordPress. This article will teach you in just seven simple steps.

We shall discuss the following steps below:

First Step (Delete Users in WordPress)

Go to Dashboard and click on Users → All Users.

Delete Users in WordPress 1

Second Step

List of Users gets displayed as shown in the following screen.

Delete Users in WordPress 2

Third Step 

Now select the one you want to delete. And click on Delete.

Delete Users in WordPress 3

Fourth Step (Delete Users in WordPress)

When you click on Delete you get the following page.

Delete Users in WordPress 4

Fifth Step 

Select options as required and click on Confirm Deletion. Your user will be deleted.

Sixth Step 

We have another method of deleting users. A screen as shown in the following shot appears.

Here you can select the users to delete, check the boxes and click on Delete from the dropdown list and click on Apply.

Seventh Step 

Once you click on Apply, the users selected will be deleted.

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