How to Edit Links in WordPress?

Edit Links in WordPress

Hello everyone. In this article we shall on how edit link in WordPress. You will learn to do it in just five simple steps. We shall the following simple steps as given under:

First Step (Edit Links in WordPress)

Go to Dashboard and click on Pages → All Pages as shown in the following screen.

Edit Links in WordPress 1

Second Step (Edit Links in WordPress )

When you click on All Pages a list of pages will be shown below. Now when you hover the cursor on any page let us say for example About Us page, then a few options get displayed below About Us i.e. Edit,Quick Edit, Trash, View. Now you click on Edit as shown.

Edit Links in WordPress 2

Third Step (Edit Links in WordPress)

Hover on the word Lorem (check how the Link for word Lorem was created in the previous article WordPress – Add Links), and click on the pencil symbol to edit the link as shown in the following screen.

Edit Links in WordPress 3

Fourth Step (Edit Links in WordPress)

You can easily change or edit your link by selecting any page from the existing list. Here we have selected the About Us page.

Edit Links in WordPress 4

Make sure that after selecting the particular page or post from the list to edit the link, click on Update button.

Fifth Step (Edit Links in WordPress)

Now you check over the link created. When you hover the cursor over the word Lorem you will see the link tooltip displaying it. You can see it in the screen below.

Edit Links in WordPress 5

Click on Update button to update the changes in your page or post.

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