How to Edit Media in WordPress?

Edit Media in WordPress

Today we shall discuss on how to Edit Media in WordPress. In this article  you will learn to edit it in just four simple steps. If you want to change some details of Media you can manage all the information about it  that is saved in the Media Library.

You can edit your Media in WordPress in the following ways:

First Step (Edit Media in WordPress)

In the Dashboard Menu click on Media → Library and click on the name of the media item or the edit link.

Edit Media in WordPress 1


Second Step (Edit Media in WordPress)

You will view a list of media files. Select any one image to edit your media image.

Edit Media in WordPress 2

Third Step (Edit Media in WordPress)

While editing the image you can view with few options on the right side of it.

Edit Media in WordPress 3

  • URL − You can read only a link from media file.
  • Title − This displays the name of the media. Title is often shown in galleries and attachment pages, if themes or plugins are designed to display it.
  • Permalink − Permalink is the URL of the media attachment page. This is also a link to view the attachment page.
  • Edit image button − This allows you to edit the image position, such as rotate counter-clockwise, rotate clockwise, scale, crop, flip vertically, and flip horizontally.
  • Caption − A brief explanation of the media.
  • Alternate Text − The alt text for the image, which is used to describe media. Used for availability.
  • Description − An explanation of your media file.
  • Delete Permanently − Delete your media file permanently.

Fourth Step (Edit Media in WordPress)

Once you have completed editing the required fields, click on Update button to save the changes made to an image.

Edit Media in WordPress 4

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