Highly recognizable, GoDaddy is one of the biggest names in Web hosting online and the largest domain name registrar in the world.


  • Versatile options for nearly any online project
  • High-volume provider means low-cost plans for customers
  • Customer service suffers due to size of the company

GoDaddy offers two tiers of hosting plans, the first is designed for light to medium use. The second tier is GoDaddy Pro, designed for heavier duty usage.

Security and Reliability

GoDaddy have become very good at is reliability. If the service provides you with anything less than 99% uptime you can claim a refund for the month. They also offer some of the fastest page loading times on the web.

Top 3 Pros and Cons

Here are a few areas where GoDaddy stands out for what they do well and where they could improve:

GoDaddy Pros:

  • Variety: There is a plan for nearly every online project
  • Pricing Specials: Save money with promotions, deals, and coupons
  • Full Menu: Find much more than just Web hosting services

GoDaddy Cons:

  • Service: Complaints about uninspired customer service abound
  • Themes: You can’t change themes without losing your content
  • Limited Storage: Lower-tier plans can’t handle most bloggers’ needs

Free Offers

With all of the discounts offered by GoDaddy and the overall affordable pricing, the company’s hosting services are generally a solid value.