How to Delete Post in WordPress?

Delete Post in WordPress

In today’s article we shall discuss on how to Delete Post in WordPress for your new website/blog. In this article you will learn it in just three simple steps. We shall discuss them in the following.

Following are the steps to Delete Posts in WordPress.

First Step (Delete Post in WordPress)

When you log in search for Posts in Dashboard Menu and click on Posts → All Post in WordPress. You can look it in the following screenshot.

Delete Post in WordPress 1

Second Step (Delete Post in WordPress)

You can delete your post by going to the Posts. (eg Post1 created in WordPress – Add Posts). Put the cursor hovers on the Post, then you will see a few options getting displayed below Post1 like Edit, Quick Edit, Trash and View. Now you click on Trash option to delete the post. You can see in the screenshot given below.

Delete Post in WordPress 2

Third Step  (Delete Post in WordPress)

You can view your post lists to confirm if the above post is deleted. Your post will not appear in the list. Or you can go to the Trash to check if your post is already deleted.

Delete Post in WordPress 3

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