How to setup WordPress Media Settings?

In this article you will learn how to setup WordPress Media Setting page. We shall first of all discuss what Media Setting is all about and learn three simple steps to set it. We shall discuss in the following.

What is WordPress Media Setting?

The Media Settings is a sub panel located under Settings » Media. An administrator can define settings for WordPress media uploads in this sub panel. It is used to set the height and width of the images which you’re going to use on your website.

So the first option on this page is for image sizes. When a user uploads an image, WordPress saves the original image and also creates three other copies for thumbnail, medium and large image sizes. An administrator can adjust these sizes on this page. For example, the administrator can set the size of thumbnails to be 64×64 (64px width, 64 pixel height). WordPress will even crop the images for thumbnails to account for images that do not fit exactly into the dimensions defined here. For medium sized images and the large sized images, a max width and a max height can be defined so that when they are sized, they do not exceed the defined dimensions, whilst maintaining their respective aspect ratios.

And the second section allows you to select where the uploaded media will be stored. Within this section, there is also an option that allows you to choose whether or not to organize uploads in year and month based folders. By default WordPress stores images in year and month based folders inside uploads directory, like this: /wp-content/uploads/2013/04/. If you un-check this box then WordPress will save all images in /wp-content/uploads/ directory.

Now let us discuss on three simple steps to setup Media Setting.

First Step

Click on Settings (under Dashboard Menu) Media option in WordPress.

setup WordPress Media Settings 1

Second Step

The Media Settings page is displayed as seen in the following screenshot.

setup WordPress Media Settings 2

Following are the details of the fields on Media settings −

  • Thumbnail size − Set the size of the thumbnail.
  • Medium size − Set the height and width of medium size images.
  • Large size − Set width and height of larger images.
  • Uploading files − After checking this checkbox, the uploaded image will be arranged into year and month based folder.

Third Step

After setting the dimension in pixels, click on Save Changes button. It saves your media setting information.

setup WordPress Media Settings3

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