How To Setup Your Own Domain Name?

How To Setup Your Own Domain Name

How To Setup Your Own Domain Name?

Hello everyone. Today we shall discuss on ‘How To Setup Your Own Domain Name?’ At the end of this step you will a fully working self-hosted o have an active blog of your own. You can choose any of web hosting provider but here WordPress blog on your own domain name.

  1. Get Started

Go to www.hostgator.com  and then click ‘Get Started’.  Another page will appear on which you have to choose your plan. I would suggest you choose Hatchling plan if you are doing it for the first time.

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  1. Pick a Domain name for your blog

When you have chosen your domain name just write it in the right box (I already own this domain) and keep moving to the next step by scrolling down a bit.

How do I choose a good domain name?

Choosing a bad domain name is one of the most common mistakes I see bloggers make. While choosing a domain name keep in mind a domain name that is…

  • Easy to Remember
  • Unique and Descriptive
  • Trustworthy – 

    Domain extensions should have like “.com”, “.org” or “.net”.

  1. Choose your blog hosting plan

I would recommend the “Hatchling” plan for now – you can always upgrade later if you decide you want more advanced features, but you get more than enough with the Hatchling.

  1. Complete your registration

Once you’ve chosen Hatchling plan and found a name you like that’s available, you’ll need to register it by putting in your contact and billing information.

  1. Log in to your new account and install WordPress blog

It may take a few minutes for HostGator to register your account, so be patient. You should get a confirmation email when your account is ready. Once you’ve logged in to your control panel you can install WordPress. It is just a matter of one click. Just click it and it will install by itself.  Do the following steps to install WordPress.

  • Log-in to your Hostgator control panel
  • At the top click “Get Started With WordPress Today”
  • If WordPress isn’t there for some reason, scroll down a little bit on the control panel and click on “Quick Install” under the Software & Services section. Look at the top of the page, in the left sidebar section for WordPress.

Once clicked, you’ll be automatically transferred to Mojomarketplace.com – don’t panic, this is just a site that helps HostGator install platforms (like WordPress). You should immediately see a screen where you’re offered to “Install” or “Import” WordPress. Click “Install” to get to the next step. When you’re finished, “Install WordPress”. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a loading bar at the top of your page that will eventually tell you that your WordPress blog has been installed and you’ll see your log-in credentials.

  1. Log in and check out your new blog

Once the installation completes, you’ll get an email that shares your login information, including an “Admin URL”. (In case you missed that notification bar) To log in to your blog, click the admin URL.( eg. www.wordpress.com/wp-admin). If you forget this URL, simply type www.yourblog.com/wp-admin (where “yourblog” is your domain name).


Now you are ready with your blog. You can add other features, personalize your blog, and earn money and so on. If you have found this article as informative and useful please do not forget to this kind gesture by sharing it with your friends on social media like Facebook, twitter, email, Google+ and so on.

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