How to manage WordPress delete category?

Managing WordPress Delete  Category

It has been a few days since article has not been published. You might be missing so much about The WordPress Way Tutorial. Welcome back to everyone and keep visiting.  So today we shall discuss on the theme ‘How to manage WordPress delete category?’ This article will teach how to delete category in just 2 simple steps. It is demonstrated with screenshots so that you will have no room for any doubt about it.

The following explanation will guide you on how to delete categories in WordPress in just 2 simple steps.

First Step (manage WordPress delete category)

Now look out for posts in Dashboard Menu. Then click on Posts Categories in WordPress. You can see it in the screenshot given below.

manage WordPress delete category 1


Second Step (manage WordPress delete category)

You can delete any category that you have created earlier. Let us say Category 1 as shown in the screen. When you put the cursor and hover on the categories, here in our case we have selected Category 1, a few options will get displayed below the Category name. Now click on Delete button as shown in the following screen given below.

manage WordPress delete category 2


When you click on delete, you will get a pop message asking for confirmation to delete the particular category as shown in the following screenshot.

manage WordPress delete category 3


You can click on OK button and delete the category permanently.

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