How to Moderate Comments in WordPress?

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Moderate Comments in WordPress

Hi everyone! Today we shall discuss on how to Moderate Comments in WordPress of your website/blog. This article will teach you how to do it in just three simple steps. Comment moderation is a process where, when visitors comment on posts, the comment is not published directly until and unless it is approved by the admin to be posted. It manages your comments so that there is no comment spamming.

First Step

Go to Dashboard and go click on Settings → Discussion in WordPress.

 Moderate Comments in WordPress 1

Second Step 

You can set the discussion setting page as shown in the screenshot.

Moderate Comments in WordPress 2

In the Comment Moderation field, enter those words or URLs you do not want any visitor to add comments. Whenever a visitor gives any comments it would be moderated by the admin first and then published.

Third Step

When you have updated all things you click on Save Changes.

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