How to Publish Pages in WordPress?

Publish Pages in WordPress

Hello everyone. Today we shall discuss on how to Publish Pages in WordPress. The command, “Publish” is used to make the pages available to all users wherein each user can view that particular page. Actually publishing a new page in WordPress is an easy process. In this article you will learn in just three simple steps.

The following steps are –

First Step (Publish Pages in WordPress)

Go to Dashboard Menu and click on Pages → Add New in WordPress. You can see it clearly in the screenshot.

Publish Pages in WordPress 1

Second Step (Publish Pages in WordPress)

When you click on the Add New you will get the editor to add the actual content of your page. You can see clearly in the screenshot.

Publish Pages in WordPress 2

Third Step (Publish Pages in WordPress)

When you have completed adding the title and content of your post you can click on Publish button to publish your post. You can find the publish button on the right side of the page as shown in the following screen.

Publish Pages in WordPress3

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