How to Publish Posts in WordPress?

 Publish Posts in WordPress

Today we shall discuss on how to Publish Posts in WordPress. This article will guide how to publish your posts or articles in just three simple steps.

Publishing is making posts or articles is making available to all readers wherein every reader can view that particular post or article online from any part of the world where they can get access to internet. Adding and publishing a new post in WordPress is an easy process.

Now we shall discuss in the following  three simple steps to Publish Posts in WordPress –

First Step (Publish Posts in WordPress)

Go to Dashboard Menu and search for Posts and then click on Posts → Add New in WordPress. You can see in the screenshot –

 Publish Posts in WordPress


Second Step (Publish Posts in WordPress)

After clicking on Add New unders Posts you will get the editor page of the Post as shown in the following screenshot. Now in Post1 you can give the title of your post and in space your article content.

 Publish Posts in WordPress 2


Third Step (Publish Posts in WordPress)

 When you have completed your article and given title to it click on Publish button to Publish Posts in WordPress your respective post/article.

 Publish Posts in WordPress 3

After clicking on publish, your posts get published for the user to view it.

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