Important Scopes & Benefits of  Freelancer

 Scopes & Benefits of Freelancer

Scopes & Benefits of Freelancer


Hi everyone! Today we shall discuss on the scope & benefits of freelancer. In this article we shall discuss about the etymology, scopes and benefits of a freelancer.

Etymologically the word ‘freelancer‘ came down long the history. In the medieval period the term “free lancer” that was used to describe a ‘mercenary warrior’. But today a freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. As a freelancer may work in a variety of areas by sitting at your own home at your own pace, selling your services on hourly, daily, or task basis, not as regular employees by one employer. Freelancing is a flexible way of selling your expertise and professional capabilities in the marketplace via internet.


With ever escalating prospects of online businesses, the golden opportunities in the field of freelancing are on the rise. Freelancing is widely expanding and mounting its scope in the areas of writing,  editing, indexing, software development, proof reading, website design, advertising, open innovations and many others.

Benefits of freelancing

Be your own master

You  work at your convenience. You  choose your own boss, have choice over the type of task to take up and have more freedom over your work schedule.

Source of income for part timers

Freelancing is getting popular among many. Students, house wives, unemployed and part timers are taking up extra source of income to meet their needs.

Variety of assignments

Working as a ‘freelancer’ has great variety of work and assignments. Here you are not force to perform the same tasks.You can choose assignments or tasks  of your own interest and capabilities. This can  increase and refine your professional skills too.

No boundaries, No limitation 

In freelancing you can work together from any-where around the world. You can offer your service to any part of the world and get remunerations from any part of the word even without personally meeting your employer. This is a very great advantage that every one is looking for. Earn money, make money just by sitting in your own room.

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  • Zachary

    If jоb security is high in уour lіsting of prioгіties, tһis is another factor that’s not supplied by freelancing.
    Many individᥙals need to be assured of steady revenue, at a fee that they’ll rely on, to be abⅼe to keep tһeir payments and on a regular basis living bills up t᧐ date.Freelancing wont proviɗe the job and income security that you’d have from being on the staff ᧐f a гeցulаtion firm.

    • That’s true like in all the company it is like coming back to Darwin’s theory of ‘Survival for the fittest’ even with the well regulated firm. The Company itself have to fight to continue to exist.

  • Jack

    Freelancing can even lead to a big “ρlus” regarding your incοme. Аs a substitute of getting to accept the precise wage that is offered by the one legislation firm that you work,you could have a substantial amount of leeѡay in setting your own pay rates.

    This isѕue may end ᥙp in significantly extra money for you.

    • Hi Jack that is true. In fact more people are looking for Freelance Job than institutionalized ones where they have to work according to the rules and regulations of that particular company. But at Freelance YOU ARE THE BOSS, YOU SET THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.