How to setup WordPress Add Category?

Setting Add Category in WordPress

Today we shall discuss on how to setup WordPress Add Category settings. This article will show you in just 4 simple steps with the screenshots so that you can have a better idea about it.

You may know that category is used to indicate sections of your site and group related posts. It sorts the group content into different sections set it in a very convenient way to organize the posts.

These are the following four steps:

First Step

Under the Dashboard Menu search for posts and click on Posts Categories option in WordPress. The screenshot is shown below –

How to setup wordpress add category setting 0

Second Step

When you click on the Categories you will this page displayed as shown in the following screenshot.

How to setup wordpress add category setting 2

You can see from the screenshot that categories setting page contains Name, Slug, Parent and Description respectively.

Following are the details of the fields on Categories.

  • Name− Enter the unique name of categories.
  • Slug− A word chosen to describe your post. It is specified in the tags URL.
  • Parent− By selecting the parent category from dropdown, you can set the particular category as sub-category or can keep it as None.
  • Description− Add brief description of your category. It is optional.

 Third Step

When you have duly filled up all the information about Categories, recheck nicely that all the information filled is correct. Then click on Add New Category button. The screenshot is shown below –

How to setup wordpress add category setting 3

Fourth Step

After clicking on Add New Category, the new created category will get displayed on the right side of the page as shown in the following screen.

How to setup wordpress add category setting 4

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