How to setup WordPress arrange category?

Setup WordPress arrange category

WordPress categories are a very convenient way to organize your posts. You can have parent and child categories making hierarchical arrangement of your posts possible. So today in this article, we shall discuss on how to setup setup WordPress arrange category for your new website/blog. This article will guide you in just three simple steps in a more simplified way.

You must keep in mind that when you launch your website/blog you cannot arrange categories directly in WordPress. What should you do then? You will need to install Category Order plugin to arrange the created categories in a particular way.

When you have installed the plugin you will do the following steps discussed below. The following steps are –

First Step (Setting arrange category in WordPress)

In your Dashboard Menu you search for Posts and click on Posts Category Order in WordPress. When you put your cursor and hover on Category Order menu it will display the Category Order plugin. The screenshot gives you a clear understanding about it.

We shall discuss on how to install plugin in another article. In the meantime you can read important plugin for WordPress Blog.

setup WordPress arrange category 1

Second Step (Setting arrange category in WordPress)

Just for you to note that in the following screen, you can see that the create categories section are not in order.

setup WordPress arrange category 2

You can also watch this video clip (Josh Kohlbach)

Third Step (Setting arrange category in WordPress)

Now, in the third step as you can see that you can rearrange your categories by just dragging the categories as per your choice. You just click on Order categories button to save the ordered categories.

setup WordPress arrange category 3

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