How to setup WordPress Preview Posts?

Setup WordPress Preview Post

For today’s discuss we shall deal on the topic how to setup WordPress Preview Post. This article will guide you through in just three simple steps. Preview Post is to view the post before it is published to the user. It is safer to preview your post and verify how your post looks on the website. You can edit or change the post as per your need after previewing.

We shall discuss the following simple steps to Preview Posts in WordPress below –

First Step (setup WordPress Preview Post)

In the Dashboard search for Posts and then click on Posts → All Posts in WordPress. You can see the screenshot that is given below.

setup WordPress Preview Post 1

Second Step (setup WordPress Preview Post)

You can view eg. Post1 (read also How to Add Posts in WordPress). When the cursor hovers on the Post, then a few options get displayed below the Post name. Click on the View option as shown in the following screenshot.

setup WordPress Preview Post 2

Or  you can also view your post directly while editing or adding post by clicking on the Preview button as shown in the following screen.

setup WordPress Preview Post 3

Third Step (setup WordPress Preview Post)

You can view your post, when you click on View or Preview.

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