Top 10 Ways To Generate Traffic by Article Marketing

Top 10 Ways To Generate Traffic by Article Marketing

Top 10 Ways To Generate Traffic by Article Marketing

 In this article you will learn the ‘Top 10 Ways To Generate Traffic by Article Marketing’. One of the best ways to get your niche audience to your site is to target them in article marketing. Article marketing is a revolutionary way to use your words to generate traffic. Essentially you (or hired content writers) can write about a topic directed at your site and include a bio and a link to your website. Article marketers will submit articles to article directories. Article marketing, when properly exercised can multiple your traffic in a matter of days!

The top 10 ways to generate Traffic by article marketing are:

#1 Write Quality Content

Write something actually worth reading- perhaps you have not browsed through the net recently, but, unfortunately there is a lot of hogwash out there. Many people attempt to use article marketing and simply write about anything and everything. Not a good idea. Write something entertaining, write something informative and write something worth reading.

#2 Use keywords

Use keywords- keywords are searched words- words that will get your article noticed on search engines. Make your keywords specific and use them about 2-5% in each article. Any more than this and your article could begin to sound like an advertisement, or you could be, gasp, black listed.

#3 Be an Expert

Prove you are an expert- you need to prove this with your words and with your bio line. After the article, you will most likely have a chance to explain ‘about the author.’ Demonstrate your knowledge by providing background information.

#4 Be Different Writer

Be different- Write something that has never been said before; take a different approach to an old idea; make people read to the end. This is what generates traffic.

#5 Write to Help

Look to help- most of us can write; however, not many can write well. And, in the article marketing business, you need to ensure that your articles are written well. If they are not, then you can kiss your success with article marketing goodbye. There are so many SEO, web content writing and web marketing companies out there that have the credentials and the experience to make all the difference in the web world.

#6 Use a Sociable Voice

Use a sociable voice- make friends with your audience reading the articles by speaking like them. Colloquial language is okay in certain situations; as long as you are not offending anyone.

#7 Highlight Subheading

Make friends with bold subheading- many people will simply skim through an article looking for the most important parts. So give them what they want by bolding the important parts and using bolded subheadings to split up the article.

#8 Add a picture

Add a picture, if you can- if you are able to add a picture to your article then do so. However, in many instances this is not actually allowed. Make sure the picture relates back to the article information. For example, if you are discussing the best massages for your massage therapy website, a picture of a woman getting a foot massage is a great visual addition.

#9 Shine through

Shine through- let your voice and your personality shine through the pages. Speak like you are talking. Be funny, be creative and be witty. Let that voice out and paste it all over the pages of your content.

#10 Use ‘Top Ten’ Article Lists

Use ‘Top Ten’ Article Lists- “Top” lists are great for articles because the reader knows exactly what they are getting. Top Ten Hottest Baby Celebrities, Top Five Worst Pick up Lines, Top 100 Best Songs Ever- all of these will reel in the reader and make them want to.

Hope you find this article useful. If you have any other points besides these mentioned points above kindly leave them at the comment below.

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