Top Best 10 URL Shortening Websites Money Maker

Top Best 10 URL Shortening Websites Money Maker

Top Best 10 URL Shortening Websites Money Maker

Hi friends. Today I am going to show how to make money with Top Best 10 URL Shortening Websites Money Maker. This way of making money is thrilling. You need to only copy and paste links.

It is not a surprise that most of the webmasters, bloggers and other applications programmers use URL these shortening services to make money.

The following sites are given below: 

# AdF.ly

It has free url shortening service that will pay you $4 for 1000 visitors. You can Also refer users and earn 20% commission, $5 is minimum payout through Paypal Or Alertpay.

# Bit.ly

This is the next most popular Shortening URL service. But from past few weeks its been at its best, receiving over 3 millions in a week and over 160 millions in a month.

 # Tinyurl.com

Tinyurl is one of the best 1000 sites in the Alexa. Its presently the mostly used URL shortening service with over 2 million users using it every month.


Goo.gl is URL shortening product from Google with link tracking and stats.


URL Shortening services,with custom alias and Link Statistics.


Free url shortening service, earn 4.50 for 1000 visitors to your links. Refer users and earn 20% commission, $5 min. payout with Paypal and Alertpay.


Free url shortening service website where you can earn $4 for 1000 visitors you bring. Refer people and earn 5% of their earnings, $0.10 sign on bonus when they verify their email address, $0.15 sign on bonus when they earn a minimum of $1.0, minimum payout only $3 with paypal.


Free url shortener, earn $5 for 1000 visitors, you get also 20% referral commission (lifetime), $5 minimum cashout with Paypal.


Free url shortener service, just this site pays you only if someone buys something through your link. It believe that software engineering is an extremely important process and hope that their products and services will expand innovation, benefits and opportunities for their customers. Its main goal is to supply high-quality software.


Url forwarding and shortening service, members earn up to 90% of URLCash’s income. You also make 35% of what your referrals earns!

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