How to View Plugins in WordPress?

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View Plugins in WordPress


Hi every one! Today we shall discuss on how to View Plugins in WordPress. It helps you to enable and disable WordPress Plugins. This adds the unique features to an existing web site. Plugins extend and enlarge the functionality of WordPress. This article will teach you in just two simple steps.

These are the following steps to View Plugins in WordPress.

How to setup WordPress Plugins Settings?

First Step (View Plugins in WordPress) 

Go to Dashboard and then click on Plugins → Installed Plugins in WordPress administrator. You can see it in the screenshot.

View Plugins in WordPress 1


Second Step (View Plugins in WordPress) 

When you click on plugins you will see the list of existing plugins on your site as seen in the following screen.

View Plugins in WordPress 2


A table of Plugin and Description is displayed. Names of the plugins are defined in Plugin column and a brief description about the plugin is defined under Description column.



Following functions appear as Plugin toolbar options on the page −

  • Active − Shows the active plugins on the website.
  • Inactive − Shows the installed but inactive plugins on the website.
  • Update Available − Shows, if a new version is available or asks to update now.
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