Wondough: Free & Legitimate Way to Earn

Free & Legitimate Way to Earn

It was the other day that I came across www.wondough.com when one of the Media Executives approached me to write about ‘Wondough’.

I checked the website and got myself registered. It is legitimate site.

Well registration is free

I found out that www.wondough.com  is a popular and exciting reward programs that rewards users to earn free gift cards and cash for things that they do every day online. You do not require any great computer skill to perform such given tasks.

 How do you earn points/rewards?

To earn such rewards you need to get yourself registered in the website, which is free of cost.

Once you are registered you will discover by yourself different ways of earning points. You can start earning points by visiting websites, registering on websites, installing apps, watching videos, answering surveys, following www.wondough.com on Facebook and lots more.

I will explain some sections so know what they mean even before you get registered.


In this coupon section, you’ll find both Free Offers and Paid Offers.  For Free Offers require you need register to a free site or mailing list. In Free Offers you usually earn between 50-300 points.

In Paid Offers section you need to make a purchase or start a free trial. Paid Offers give you higher points. Most Paid Offers rewards you between 300-1,000 points. With Paid Offers can easily reach the cash out amount and complete a few of the higher paying free offers.


This section is the best for those who love watching videos. You can enjoy at the same time earn by just watching videos. Here you’ll find videos and sites that you will be able to visit to earn points. These videos are not long and mostly it lasts from 1-3 minutes and pays you 1 point each.


In this section, you’ll get paid to answer surveys. Actually Wondough provides surveys from 3rd party providers. Before doing surveys there will be a profile survey to check whether you are qualified to complete the surveys. Wondough then will match your profile with high paying surveys available to you.

Availability of surveys depends on the geographic and demographic areas. Points also may vary according to the geographical location.

Generally Wondough pays you higher than other reward program sites. It is not so difficult to reach the issuing or cash out reward points.


Once you are registered you will see an ‘Inbox’ in your dashboard as in your email account. In this inbox section occasionally you will receive email notification from Wondough occasionally regarding new ways to earn points and complete the given tasks.  You need to check frequently to do what is asked of you to earn points.

Install & Signup 

You can also earn points by installing certain programs in your mobile or computer and by signing up to various websites.

How do you receive your rewards?

You can redeem those points that you earned by claiming your reward in the form of gift cards from brands like Walmart, Amazon, and Starbucks.


Although there are many other sites that give similar rewards or cash for the time spent for them, Wondough is not bad either.

I would recommend that you try Wondough at least once to see it for yourself. Don’t forget to let me know what’s your experience above it and share with us in the comment below.

Wondough: Free & Legitimate Way to Earn

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